Almond Butter - Cinnamon

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Lux CBD Almond Butter is a delicious blend of organic, sprouted almonds, coconut sugar, maca, cinnamon, vanilla, and organic broad spectrum hemp oil. Each serving is an incredibly creamy and delicious, nutrient-dense treat that also supplies 30mg of health supporting CBD. Drizzle Lux CBD Butter over granola, scoop it with apple slices, enjoy it on sprouted whole-grain toast, or make the best sundae ever by combining it with full-fat vanilla ice cream, dark chocolate, and organic berries. No matter how you enjoy your Lux CBD butter, you can feel good knowing you're treating your body and mind right.

Our ingredients:

Sprouted almonds contain high levels of fiber, antioxidants, and most importantly for us, monounsaturated fat. When CBD is ingested orally, it can be broken down in the stomach or metabolized by the liver. However, CBD is highly fat soluble, and the high fat content in almonds helps to increase the absorption of the CBD in Lux.

Maca is an adaptogen high in micronutrients and phytonutrients and has been shown to exert a positive effect on hormone balance, energy levels, fertility, memory, and stress. Maca is also likely to stimulate the endocannabinoid system.

Coconut Sugar is low glycemic, contains more vitamins and minerals than traditional sugars, and contains inulin which helps restore good gut health.

Cinnamon is not only delicious, but it’s also extremely high in potent antioxidants such as cinnamaldehyde and polyphenols. As a result, cinnamon has been shown to help fight inflammation, improve insulin sensitivity, and fight infections. 

Vanilla also demonstrates high antioxidant activity, is antibacterial, and can help to reduce systemic inflammation.

Broad Spectrum CBD can cross the blood-brain barrier and studies have demonstrated positive effects of CBD on chronic pain and anxiety-related issues. Some studies have also shown potential benefit for neurological disorders. 

Broad spectrum CBD is similar to full-spectrum CBD in that it also provides a synergistic effect due to many cannabinoids such as terpenes and antioxidants. However, unlike full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum contains zero THC.


4 Reviews

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    Lux CBD Almond Butter

    Posted by Richard Mansfield on 21st Oct 2019

    I have witnessed the increase in available CBD options out there and have always been cautious about the fillers, taste and effectiveness of the various options. Lux's CBD Almond Butter hits a home run on every single one of my concerns. All of its ingredients are natural and organic, thus an extremely healthy snack option, in addition to the broad spectrum health benefits of CBD. And, by the way, it TASTES GREAT !

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    Lux CBD Cinnamon Almond Butter

    Posted by Tammy on 20th Oct 2019

    I've had some great health results from using CBD, and it's worked wonders on my sleep too. Unfortunately, I haven't had much luck finding a product that tasted good, so just kind of choked them down followed by chugging some water to get the taste out of my mouth. Lux has definitely changed all that! This is without a doubt, the most delicious CBD product I've ever tried! Now, instead of dreading my nightly dose to help me sleep, I look forward to it - it's like dessert!

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    Almond butter

    Posted by Jeanne Boisvert on 20th Oct 2019

    Best tasting CBD product ever - maybe the best tasting nut butter ever!

  • 5

    Posted by Bryan on 20th Oct 2019

    Was blown away by the taste! Absolutely delicious!